Northern California Innovators Vie for Angel Investment

Sierra Innovation Challenge 2014

Companies are finding they need to expand their innovation efforts to meet consumer demand for greener products and services. And angel investors are eagerly seeking to invest in these kinds of companies.

These two forces collided on April 2nd at the 3rd annual Sierra Nevada Innovation Challenge.

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Elon Musk – could he revolutionize the lithium battery industry?

Elon MuskCame across a great article today about Elon Musk and his newest venture. The founder and innovator behind Teslathis visionary entrepreneur continues to expand his vision of what’s possible for American consumers.

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The Making and Completion of the new World Trade Center

The new 1World Trade Center, photo courtesy of RenewN?YC and SOM

The new 1World Trade Center, photo courtesy of RenewN?YC and SOM

Americans and the world has waited for 13 years to see what will be 1 World Trade Center. The wait is almost over. Final construction is just about done and tenants are beginning to build out their new offices.

The story is a remarkable one, filled with delays, squabbles and, finally, partnership and commitment. Surprisingly, it’s also one of family, devotion and pride. You’ll want to read the great article by Josh Sanburn. It’s poignant and will touch your heart. The documentary film RISE is filled with interviews of the ironworkers who made it happen. Their stories are an integral part of the whole. They are the heroes we can look to, who gave us something to truly be proud of.

Comonsense meets water scarcity – let’s recycle!

CA Drought, Sierra Nevada reservoir, photo by BitHead, flickr

A reservoir in the Sierra Nevada’s shows the effects of drought. Photo by BitHead, from flickr

I’ve often thought that we consumers waste inordinate amounts of water everyday. Now that California has finally declared a drought, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee so to speak.

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Plant-based water bottle helps fight deforestation and plastic pollution

Treeson Water Bottle PrototypeThere are a lot of water bottling companies out there, and a lot of so-called “green” water and water bottles. I have to admit I’m a bit skeptical when I hear about yet another one. But I did a bit of checking and there’s one that’s caught my eye and imagination.

There’s a new Kickstarter campaign for Treeson water that’s piqued my interest.

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Opportunity for industrial hemp included in newly signed Farm Bill

hemp legalizationWhen President Obama has signed the Farm Bill last week, it included a little touted but exciting amendment – one that would allow State Agriculture Departments and colleges and universities to grow hemp. Continue reading

Check out the new “green” logo

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, check out my new logo. I think it represents more of what this blog is about. What do you think?

The market for non-GMO crops is growing and farmers and grain processors are getting onboard

Lynn Clarkson founded Clarkson Grain, which accepts only non-GMO grain. Photo by Dan Charles, NPR

Lynn Clarkson founded Clarkson Grain, which accepts only non-GMO grain. Photo by Dan Charles, NPR

As the groundswell against GMO crops and genetically modified ingredients in our food grows, farmers are taking notice. Many are realizing that more demand for non-GMO means better prices for their crops.

Supply and demand always dictate what’s available to consumers and the more we speak up, the louder consumers get, manufacturers, grain processors and farmers will deliver.

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The campaign for mandatory GMO labeling heats up

GE food graphicToday more than 200 organizations and businesses called on President Barack Obama to uphold his 2007 campaign pledge to require the labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods.

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The Sustainable Food Summit is almost here

Sustainable Food Summit logoI rarely plug an event and, if I do, and rarely before it starts. But this one’s an exception.

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