Blackfish – a distressing indictment of SeaWorld’s inhumane treatment of whales

Blackfish film logoJust finished viewing Blackfish, the sobering documentary revealing the inhumane treatment of killer whales by the powers that be of SeaWorld and similar venues.

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The fastest internet speed award goes to …

Top Internet Speet Rankings 2013

Ever wondered who has the fastest internet in the world? The answer may surprise you.

According to, Japan and South Korea are ranked the top two fastest in the world. South Korean internet users surfed at an average speed of 13.3 Mbps, 53 percent faster than Americans whose connection speed averaged at 8.7 Mbps.  By comparison, the United States is ranked 8th in the global speed ranking.

The global average connection speed was measured at 3.3 Mbps, after having passing 3 Mbps for the first time in the first quarter of this year.

Fascinating to see the breakout on this. Wonder if it means the South Koreans are more data hungry or just that they love to chat more?

Seattle moves holiday fireworks to protect baby bald eagles


Fourth of July isn’t a great time for animals. Fireworks and their accompanying sonic-like booms create terrified four-leggeds both in and outdoors. Suburban Seattle has taken the uncharacteristic action of moving its floating launch pad for next week’s July Fourth fireworks display to avoid frightening a pair of baby bald eagles nesting in a tree on the shore of Lake Washington.

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Up your awareness of what’s happening to our oceans

Plastic ocean trash

Here’s a fascinating video that shows what humans are contributing to our oceans.  Simple yet graphic. And worth viewing.



Preventing more plastic in our oceans is everyone’s business – and it’s really not hard to do, is it?

The people speak – and are heard

Speak up!Consumers are speaking up more than ever these days.

Online petitions for worth causes are growing in popularity (and frequency). And as more of us are participating, companies and even legislators are sitting up and taking notice.

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French honey contaminated by M&M’s

You’re probably read about it and wondered what it looked like. Bees in France have been returning to their hives with suspicious-looking bits of colored material. The result – colorful but contaminated honey.

Finally there’s a picture so we can see what the fuss is all about!

Understandably, the bee hive owners have had trouble getting rid of the contaminated honey. But it definitely is something for the Guinness Book of Records!

Safety for animals crossing busy highways

Who of us hasn’t either heard of or had a front row seat with a car-animal encounter? Sad to say, it’s the animals who lose almost every time.

Around the country and across the globe, we humans are beginning to get a bit wiser in how to mitigate this tragedy. Take a look at these amazing eco-bridges that are in place to help animals cross busy highways and even riverways.

More of these are definitely needed but at least it’s a beginning.

Tsumani debris may strike the West Coast for years

This massive dock that landed in Oregon is the likely the tip of the debris maelstrom to hit the West Coast for years to come

Seven feet tall, nineteen feet wide and 66 feet long, the concrete and metal dock that washed ashore in Newport, Oregon is a stunning residual remnant of last year’s Fukushima disaster. An awesome sight, the derelict dock that made the more than 6,500 mile trek from Minamisoma, Japan is a harbinger of serious debris yet to come.

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Environmental progress often dubbed “job killers”

It’s been my observation that whenever decisive action is taken that would benefit the environment, the scream goes up that taking such steps will surely mean the death of jobs in that area or region.

Case in point.

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Avoiding airport x-ray machines – it ain’t so bad!

Airport security lines, Photo by alist, Flickr

Just returned from a visit with friends and family this past weekend. Always nice to get away for a bit.

At the airport, as I was about to go through security, my mind swung back to the recent article I did on airport x-ray machines. As I stepped into the scanner, I told the TSA rep I didn’t want to be scanned and asked for an alternative.

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