Giving gifts that give to others

Giving to World Wildlife Fund supports conservation of important natural places and endangered animals

Giving to World Wildlife Fund supports conservation of important natural places and endangered animals

True giving is to give something that you’d rather keep foe yourself and/or that makes a difference. If you still have a few gifts to get, consider giving something that in some way gives to others. Here is my list of reputable ”give back” suggestions for this holiday season. Most if not all are tax-deductible and offer an array of choices.

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Green your holiday gifts this year

Vegan Wallet from CoolCorC

This stylish men’s wallet is made of natural cork from Cool CorC

You’ve finally finished your list with who to give gifts to this year Then you’re suddenly in serious brain freeze with what to get.  It can’t be just ANYTHING. It has to be special, and more green, this year.

Here are some fun, affordable eco-friendly gifts that will bring plenty of smiles this holiday.

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Saturday is National Animal Shelter Check-in Day

Nov. 10th is National Shelter Check-in Day

For those of  you who love pets – and there are so many of us out there – tomorrow, Saturday November 10th, is the 2nd annual National Shelter Check-In Day. Sponsored by Best Friends Animal Society, it’s a special opportunity to raise awareness of adoptable pets waiting in our country’s shelters to be seen and adopted.

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A fascinating take on “green” housing

This video of a unique, eco-friendly house offers us an idea of the kind of fascinating innovations creative minds can come up with. It’s not science fiction but reality. Who wouldn’t want to try living in a cool home like this!

Plastic pellets made from ocean debris

I’ve written several stories about the dirth of plastic in our oceans and creating gyres around the world. The problem with collecting it has always been that the majority of it consists of small fragments, making it difficult to simply scoop up. Also it’s more brittle due to its exposure to ultraviolet light and ocean degradation.

But a partnership between Method, the “green” laundry product company, and recycler Envision Plastics Industries LLC. has done what no company’s done before. Pellets made partly from ocean plastic debris rolled off Envision’s Chino, California’s plant assembly line on March 1st.

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Farewell to a true friend

Goodbye, my friend (March 15, 1996 - Feb. 18, 2012), photo by tzejen, flickr

Sadly, I said goodbye to my dearest boy this past weekend.

Always ready with a sweet smile. Filled with the joy of being alive.

Together 13 1/2 years, it was barely a blink in time. My heart is breaking yet he passed peacefully, with loved ones around him.

Farewell,  my sweet brave M.  My beautiful “Magic Man”.  You taught us all about love and you’ll be truly missed.

Celebrate the one you love!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Whether you’re going traditional (candy and flowers) or taking a romantic getaway, celebrate that special someone today / tonite. Make a memory that will last a lifetime.

Recycled surfboard waste helps clean up toxic spills

Surfboard "waste" is now used to help clean up toxic chemical spills

Almost every industry generates some kind of waste, the majority of which often ends up in landfills. The surfboard industry is no exception.

The powdery dust created by shaping a surfboard from a slab of polyurethane foam has now been transformed into a new, super useful product called  SPILLINEX™, which can quickly absorb harmful chemical waste.

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Green your holiday decorations

Holiday fever is rapidly setting in, with holiday lights and Christmas tree lots springing up around town. Whether you celebrate Chanukah or Christmas, it’s time to think about decorating to usher in the holidays.

There are fun, creative options to decorate “green” this year. You could make your own decorations, drawing materials from Nature to create one-of-a-kind ornaments. buy and add to something, or purchase ornaments from a company or organization that involves recycling and /or repurposing materials that would have ended up in a landfill.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

Drive safe out there as there are plenty of holiday revelers and folks whose minds aren’t on their driving on the roads.

Enjoy your friends and families, eat well (but healthy if you can) and have fun!


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