A Look at Human Beings

Tomorrow morning, the First Lady of California will be moderating a breakfast panel at the outset of the Border  Governors conference. Her focus? Human Trafficking: A United Call to Action”.

Afterwards, I will be interviewing Ms. Shriver, to get her first-hand perspective. It’s an awesome opportunity. Be sure to check back here over the next few days to see what she said.

A Hopeful Perspective?

These next few posts will be somewhat of a departure from what you might anticipate here. But because of the nature of the topics, this may be a perfect forum.

I am currently part of the press covering the Border 26th annual Governors Conference in Universal City, California – just down the block from the famed Universal Studios.

Why am I here? Because the governors of the 9 border states will be discussing issues impacting the future and the environment. This afternoon, a number of Nobel laureates and key leaders will be holding a forum called “A Conversation on Building Green Economies”.

As the promotional material says, the speakers will present not only the challenges of global climate change, but also the opportunities “in innovative research and development and capital investment in emerging clean technologies.”

I will report back on what “opportunities” were outlined.