Macy’s Sees the “Light”

In today’s news, Macy’s agreed to pay a $49.725 penalty for allegedly mishandling spent compact florescents and other types of light bulbs at 2 of it’s stores in New York state.

They agreed to ensure that their other 75 East Coast stores correct their procedures to avoid repeating this situation.

CFL’s contain mercury. A broken CFL creates a hazardous situation and needs to be dealt with very carefully.

You’d think that after all the efforts made by utilities to educate consumers about the importance of properly handling CFL’s, retailers like Macy’s would know to take precautions from the get-go.

It’s not so difficult to manage. There is packaging specifically made for recycling florescents – both tubes and bulbs. Several companies make them. These special packages have been available for commercial use for years.

So heads up retailers. Do your homework. Don’t put people at risk, especially with something as potentially hazardous as mercury in broken compact florescents. Keeping people safe from these kinds of accidents is as important as recycling, and pretty easy to do right the first time.

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