Rubber Duckies Measure Glacier Melt!

It’s finally happened. A rocket scientist has helped drop 90 rubber ducks inside a giant glacier.

These yellow rubber mascots are meant to help scientists measure the rate of flow and direction of glacier melt off the coast of Greenland.

Each rubber ducky has the words “science experiment” and “reward” printed in 3 languages on them. Finders will hopefully contact scientists by email to let them know where these yellow messengers have landed.

From the report, this is a serious scientific venture. But who can ignore the amusement factor? Imagine walking along a beach and realizing that what you thought was a strange looking fish was actually a small group of yellow rubber ducks floating with the tide. Where, you would wonder, could these possibly have come from? Someone with a curious sense of humor releasing them perhaps? A segment of Candid Camera (where is that hidden camera anyway?)?

It’s definitely a case of science taking an interesting turn.