Wave Energy – The Future is Here (part 1)

Wavs roll over the Pelamis Wave Converters, generating electricity
Waves over the Pelamis Wave Converters generate electricity

Portugal has launched the world’s first wave farm, technology so new it’s been viewed as speculative for the past few years.

The Pelamis Wave Power project, went live the end of September off Portugal’s northern coast, in Agucaduora. The three coral-colored, whale-like, partially submerged wave-energy converters use naturally-occurring waves to generate electricity.

Phase 1 of this commercial renewable energy project anticipates generating 2.25 megawatts of electricity.
The second phase, with 25 additional converters, will extend capacity to 21 MW – enough energy to power 15,000 homes!

To understand this technological breakthrough, consider that the ocean’s waves are estimated to generate 2 Terawatts of power. The entire United States currently only has capacity to generate 1 Terawatt.




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  2. Very good post. Hope to see even more great posts in the future.

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