Consumer Electronics Report Card part 2

Some of the statistics on consumer electronics companies reviewed as part of the recently released Environmental Sustainability and Innovation in the Consumer Electronics Industry Report are pretty impressive.

Epson’s packaging now comes from trees specifically grown for them. They also plant 20 percent more trees than they harvest.

The amount of electrical energy Nokia’s cell phone chargers consume when left unattended has been reduced by 90 percent over the past nine years and Nokia phones now signal users as reminders.

Panosonic’s plasma TV’s currently use 90 percent less energy than eight years ago.

Kodak has embraced recycling cameras big time. They’ve recycled 1.2 billion single-use camera since 1990, recycling 120 million last year alone.

Intel’s capital funding program for conservation and efficiency has, since 2001, approved more than 200 projects that saved over 400 kilowatt hours of electricity.

These facts are definitely steps in the right direction for electronics manufacturers. Forward thinking from the boardroom or perhaps positive response to calls-to-action from consumers? Regardless of the reasons, consumers should continue to speak up for more broad-based conservation efforts from the electronics industry. They seem to be paying attention.


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