Greening a City Part 2

San Jose – the largest city in northern California – adopted its Green Initiative Plan in 2007. This ten point, 15-year program embraces three key elements – clean technology, sustainability & green mobility.

The Plan’s Goals are:

  1. Create 25,000 clean tech jobs, becoming the “World Center of Clean Tech Innovation”
  2. Reduce individual energy use by 50 percent
  3. Have 100% of electrical power coming from clean renewable sources
  4. Build or retrofit 50 million square feet of green buildings
  5. Create 100 % waste diversion from the landfill, converting waste to energy
  6. Achieve 100% wastewater reuse or recycling (100 million gallons per day)
  7. Approve a General Plan containing measurable standards for sustainable development
  8. Ensure all public vehicles run 100% on alternative fuels
  9. Plant 100,000 trees and replace all streetlights with zero-emission lighting
  10. Create 100 miles of interconnected trails

For more on the impact of these ambitious goals, see Part 3.


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