Environmentalists and Congress see a Ray of Light

With President Bush creating a legacy of environmental devastation that would endure for years, a ray of sunshine has appeared.

A little-remembered law from Clinton’s administration would allow Congressional Democrats to reverse any of the current or last minute energy and environmental regulations Bush signs off on up until the final moments of his presidency.

The Congressional Review Act of 1996 allows any law finalized during the last six months of an Administration to be eliminated by a simple party-line vote by the currently Democratic-controlled Congress.

It’s an option, says an aide on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, chaired by Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), that the committee’s considering.

The last time the CRA was used was, ironically, in 2001 to overturn a Clinton administration rule setting new requirements for ergonomic workspaces.

The new president could utilize the CRA to overturn many of Bush’s “midnight regulations”, becoming the first president in recent history to successfully do so.

This raises real possibilities for Obama to introduce an environmental energy policy that moves the U.S. forward in dealing with climate change.



One Response

  1. One might hope that a president with such a low approval rating would resist the desire to further sully his reputation, but it’s nice to know that legal remedies exist to right and wrongs that may be slipped in at the last minute.

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