Green Speed Bars?

New "green" speed bumps

New "green" speed bumps

A new concept in discouraging speeding may be coming to your town in the near future. Designers Jae-yun Kim and Jong-Su Lee have created the first smart “green” speed bump.

Designed to flatten when a vehicle goes within the speed limit, these yellow and black speed deterrents remain upright when approached by speeding vehicles. Implanted with small internal dampers that sense cars approaching at low speeds, faster velocities keep them upright, giving drivers a solid jolt.

These retooled road devices utilize LED’s in order to be visible to unsuspecting travelers.

The two designers hope drivers will get the idea that driving at constant legal speeds and reducing stops and starts all help minimize pollution, something each driver can do something about.

Sounds like a worthwhile idea. Hopefully they’ll find their way to production soon, adding to the useful tools available to encourage drivers to drive safe and help the planet.