Giving a Gift that Changes Lives

Microfinace is a growing trend allowing people with good hearts and limited finances to make a difference in the lives of the hardworking working poor.

Giving a gift that gives back is a powerful tool for change. As little as $20 can mean the difference in a child being able to attend school for the first time, an orphaned household receiving an LED-powered light to illuminate the night or an entrepreneur being able to start a business and feed her family. I’ve outlined several opportunities for giving in 

Another gifting organization is Universal Giving, a non-profit organization that supports microfinance – gifts creating loans to the working poor.

These kinds of gifts offer a year-round chance to empower individuals and families to help themselves break the cycle of poverty, to improve their lives and those of their children.

In this time of giving, even the smallest gift of microfinance can make a lasting and powerful difference.

One Response

  1. At a time when global crisis is upon us, the developing world needs the benefits of microfinance more than ever. After the genocide in Rwanda, back in 1994, microfinancing allowed many of the remaining women to start their own businesses, and that factor has gone a long way toward rebuilding the country.

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