PepsiCo begins establishing it’s Carbon Footprint

Pepsi/Co, Inc., the Purchase, NY-based beverage company, has partnered with the Carbon Trust to begin establishing the carbon footprint of their products.

The first product to be measured is their standard 64 oz. Tropicana Premium Orange Juice container. Carbon Trust reviewed the scientific data and has determined and certified its carbon footprint is 1.7 kilograms.

This breaks down to 60 percent of its CO2 emissions coming from the growing and processing oranges, 22% from transporting and distribution, 15 percent from packaging, and the final 3% comes from consumer use and disposal.

Neil Campbell, President of Tropicana Products North America, says they’ll use this information to help reduce Tropicana’s carbon footprint.

Environmental impact awareness is the first step to creating change. So, what products are next to line up for carbon footprinting? Should be interesting to watch the line form.