Energy Hog Desktops? Not any More

Desktop computers, every company’s

Thin Client delivers energy savings and increased document secutiry

Thin Client delivers energy savings and increased document secutiry

mainstay, use large amounts of electricity – from 300 to 600 watts each. Multiply that by the number of employees a company has and you get high utility bills.

Maintaining multiple workstations requires dedicated IT staff to troubleshoot, handle maintenance issues and install upgrades. All this translates to high operational costs. With businesses furiously looking to trim expenses, there’s a simple solution that enables small to medium sized companies to reduce these costs.

The ENTC-1000 Encore Thin Client by Encore Electronics – a manufacturer known for their wireless and ethernet networking solutions for small business and home office use -is a “display only” desktop device that connects directly to a server, allowing multiple employees to work without the need for multiple workstations.

About the size of a pocket book, this slim six-ounce device utilizes only 10 watts of electricity, easily replacing standard workstations while cutting costs and carbon emissions.

Introduced at 2008’s Consumer Electronics Show, the Thin Client has advantages for small businesses and home offices. Up to 50 computers can be replaced with Thin Clients and networked into a single server. Satellite offices can easily access corporate servers via the Thin Client, much as colleges allow students access to work on school servers.

There are many ways companies can realize cost savings with this small device. With no hard disk, no CD burner and a less powerful CPU, Thin Client uses significantly less power than regular computers.

“It’s a simple device,” says Daniel Huang, Research and Development Manager at Encore Electronics. “All the data crunching is sent to the server.”

With 16MB of Flash ROM and 64MB of memory, this is a “plug and go”. Since you can’t install software on it, only the server needs upgrading, eliminating hours for maintenance and troubleshooting by IT.

For companies concerned about employees stealing sensitive information, Thin Client doesn’t recognize anything but the keyboard and mouse – not even flash drives. Data is securely stored on the server and is inaccessible to employees.

Thin Client costs less than a standard desktop or laptop. Retailing between $100 and $140, a small business with ten workstations can save thousands of dollars in initial set up and installation costs alone.

As to compatibility, Thin Client can support Windows 2000 and 2003. Support for Windows 2008 is due shortly, said Huang. It also works well with both Unix and Linux systems.

What about maintenance? There’s hardly any. With its low cost and little power usage, if a Thin Client breaks down (a rare occurrence), simply toss it and get another one.
“Our cost is low enough that when you replace (a Thin Client),” says Kai Huang, Encore Electronics’ Marketing Manager, “you’ve essentially fixed it.”
Thin Client has a variety of applications:

  • internet cafes
  • retail
  • libraries
  • factories and warehouses
  • hotels
  • schools
  • financial institutions

Each person works on their own Thin Client, all networked into a central server. Easy, cost effective, minimal energy used.

“Computing does not have to be complicated,” said Daniel Huang. “This is our way of showing that computing can be simple,” he said.

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