L.A. to Implement Biggest Green Light Retrofit to Date

Following up on a recent news release, the city of Los Angeles plans to replace 140,000 streetlights with energy-efficient LED’s over the next 5 years.

With help from the Clinton Climate Initiativethis upgraded system is expected to save the city $48 million in energy and maintenance costs. It will also cut carbon emissions 197,000 tons over a seven year period.

Thr project was announced last week by former President Bill Cllinton in L.A.

Though the actual final cost wasn’t disclosed, the savings accrued from this project will go to pay for a loan that will fund it.

The city anticipates saving $10 million annually in costs (once the loan is repaid).  This includes 40 percent reduction in electric consumption for lighting, reducing carbon emissions around 40,500 per year.

The city will install monitoring units in each new streelight to ensure fast response for any system failures.

All this translates to substantial savings to the city and cleaner air for it’s residents. It’s another encouraging sign of environmental progress in a geographic area overfull with air quality concerns.

One Response

  1. If (they) really care about going green, then the lights should start being replaced with LED-types AS THE OLD ONES BURN OUT. Why waste the energy used to create the original bulbs, the man power to replace them, and create 140,000 wasted streetlights?

    Start this project now, but ONLY AS the old ones burn out!

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