Chinese Propose Global Greenhouse Gas Trade Plan

China’s State Council Development Research Center has proposed a global greenhouse gas trade plan to address the varying levels of GHG from rich and poor countries.

The Beijing think tank released their plan in the March issue of China’s Economic Research Journal, published on March 20th.

A separate report by the Chinese Academy of Sciences outlined that nation’s total GHG emissions would peak between 2030 and 2040, then fall, the Guangming Daily reported.

It’s believed that China has now surpassed the United States in annual carbon dioxide emissions from farming, industry and land clearing.

Though smaller in ratio, the significantly larger 1.3 billion population accounts for the larger percentage of greenhouse gas emissions at4 tons of per person.  The U.S. reportedly emits approximately 20 tons of GHG per person.

The think tank proposes setting emission “rights” per country, based on emission levels, then allowing nations to trade these rights on the international market.

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