Digital Medical Help is Just an App Away

Natural Cures iPhone app

Natural Cures iPhone app

In this digital age, touch screens put goods and services at our fingertips. iPhones – famous for thousands of practical and fun applications, even have one for health and medical issues.

The Natural Cures application – available on both the iPhone and iPod Touch – is a free download with a wealth of practical information.

Natural Cures will give you advice your doctor doesn’t know about, says its creator Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum. A world-renowned integrative physician, researcher and best-selling author, Dr. Teitelbaum has been working with electronic records and the internet to reach millions of people with new medical ideas and medical technology.

This application is an extension of this, he said.

Teitelbaum (Dr. T. to his friends) says these days the average doctor only has about five minutes to spend per patient. Although the computer isn’t a substitute for a physician, his system allows patients to take the time needed to enter all the information they feel is pertinent, then print out a medical record to take to their physician. This gives their doctor time to listen, a commodity doctors are increasingly short of.

It’s just commonsense, said Teitelbaum. “Why not spend the time on something the computer can do effectively?”

This application is filled with a variety of comprehensive information, listing health conditions from A to Z, nutritional information, and providing answers to over 100 health issues. It even offers weekly health and research updates.

Its SHINE protocol addresses categories people experiencing tiredness generally fall into:

  • Sleep
  • Hormonal support
  • Infections
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise

There’s even a section on optimizing vitality, helping you discover what it takes to feel great.

This application can steer you to an integrative medicine practitioner that’s qualified to deal with your specific symptomology, says Teitelbaum.

“Not a substitute for a physician,” said Teitelbaum. “It will help you find the right one”

A related companion program – available thru Teitelbaum’s – can be accessed through the Natural Cures app, though he says it’s best done while online.  This free “short” online program lets you enter your medical history and lab tests. The site will analyze it, then make a recommended treatment protocol.

All this helps the increasing number of people without health insurance or resources get the help they need.

The Natural Cures application evolved quickly, said Teitelbaum. After his wife’s suggestion, Dr. T. got formatting and programming help and the application was up and running in ten days. It was, he said, a matter of simplifying the massive amount of information from the Vitality 101 website down to size.

The Natural Cures app fills in the blanks.

“(Natural Cures) gives you 30 years of commonsense from a medical perspective,” said Teitelbaum.

The Beta version was released without any fanfare a few months ago. Since then, 150,000 people downloaded it. It was in the top 25 of iPhone apps in its first two weeks, averaging 1,600 downloads per day.

Looking at the app, there were over 700 reviews of Natural Cures with positive feedback. Accessing this app is simple. Click on iStore, type in Natural Cures, then download and browse with ease.

“This is a tool made for people,” said Teitelbaum. “If they have a problem, they can quickly go ahead and get the information they need.”

“This is my gift to people to help them get well.”


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  1. I have found several useful iphone applications, but it’s first i am seeing this, thanks.

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