HP Close to Reaching Recycling Goals

Hewlett Packard, the behemoth Palo Alto, California based electronics company, is on track to reaching its “3 R” goals: to recover and recycle 2 billion pounds of its products and to reuse 450 million pounds by 2010.

Last year, HP recycled 265 million pounds, collecting around 3.5 million units that weighed 75 million pounds slated for global reuse. So far, they’ve recycled 1.7 billion pounds of electronic components, according to its latest annual Global Citizenship Report.

 The full 2008 Global Citizenship Report is available at www.hp.com/go/report.

NASA’s Astronauts Celebrate 50 Years

NASA’s first astronauts – the “Mercury7″ – celebrate a landmark anniversary. 50 years ago today, on April 9th, NASA introduced men whose names would become familiar around the world – Gus Grissom, Alan Shephard, Scott Carpenter, Wally Schirra, Deke Slayton, John Glenn and Gordon Cooper.

John Glenn, famous for 2 spectacular space flights, commented “The experience back then of being selected and participating in the early flights is so vivid to me, it seems like this all happened a couple of weeks ago.”

The Mercury flights proved man’s ability to take to the stars and paved the way for future expeditions like Gemini and Apollo.

For more information on the Mercury flights, see the Mercury section in Universe Today’s Guide to Space.