Kleenex – their Non-Sustainable Logging Practices

Softness is nice but not at the expense of our old growth forests. Kimberly-Clark, makers of Kleenex, is purported to still be harvesting wood from old growth forests, including the Boreal Forest, logging in areas containing trees 180 years old or more.

If this weren’t enough, Kimberly-Clark also purchases fiber from companies that both clear-cut and log in ecologically critical Canadian habitat.

Despite protests by K-C corporate about their sustainability practices, seems that “greenwashing” is alive and well. Cutting down old growth trees while saying you only use “100 percent recycled tree products” sounds suspiciously like a corporate game of “let’s see what the consumer will believe” or a sophisticated “shell” game.

The next time you buy tissues, remember that hype doesn’t mean it’s true.

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