Swine Flu Likely Not from Pigs

According to the Paris-based World Organisation for Animal Health, the “swine flu” isn’t attributed to pigs at all, but contains components of avian and human elements instead.

In a recent statement, the Paris-based World Organisation for Animal Health, also known as the OIE, said “the virus has not been isolated in animals to date. Therefore it is not justified to name this disease swine influenza.”

To call it the “North American influenza” is more logical, they said.

Director-general of the European Commission’s health and food safety department Robert Madelin said the European Union was placing no trade restrictions on imports since swine flu had nothing to do with the food chain.

The World Health Organization has dismissed any risk of infection from consuming pork, saying swine flu has not shown to be transmissible to humans through eating properly handled and prepared pork, or other pig products.

Fears of a possible global flu pandemic that would hurt fragile world economies led to a broad-based decline in stocks, oil and other commodity markets on Monday.

With several notable health organizations still investigating the source of this serious virus, caution rather than panic is called for. More information will be forthcoming as to cause and treatment. In the meantime, responsible reporting rather than a grab for shocking headlines is called for until more facts are known.

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