Mexico company creates first true biodegradable Snack Bag

Grupo Bimgo expands their commitment to sustainability with new eco-friendly packaging

Grupo Bimgo expands their sustainability commitment with eco-friendly packaging


Grupo Bimbo SAB de CV of Mexico City, a multi-national baking corporation, has introduced what they claim is the world’s first oxodegradable metal polypropylene snack bags.

I recently posted an article on recyclable trash bags that were oxodegradable This technology far surpasses what’s considered to be biodegradable, particularly as a recent archiological-type experiment showed that materials in landfills aren’t breaking down due to lack of air.

Grupo Bimbo’s snack packages degrade between three and five years after the end of a product´s predetermined life span, Symphony CEO Michael Laurier said. Symphony Environmental Technologies plc of Borehamwood, England, provides additives for Bimbo’s packages.

“Bimbo (has) been working with us to change ll their packaging to d2w,” Laurier said.  Bimbo produces 5,000 products in 18 countries and owns 150 brands, with net sales of $7.4 billion in 2008.

Bimbo´s Organización Barcel snack food subsidiary is currently Ricolino logousing Symphony´s d2w additive for two of its products, Takis and Ricolino, which are sold in Mexico. Laurier said Barcel plans to change all its packaging to oxo-biodegradable which, according to Daniel Servitje Montull, Bimbo´s managing director, will take until the end of 2010 to complete.

“We are honoured and delighted to be creating history with the Grupo Bimbo for the betterment of the environment,” said Laurier, “as well as for the plastic industry in general.”

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