Environmentally-Friendly ReUsable Tableware for Toddlers

Dandelion Eco-friendly ReUsable Children's Tableware

Dandelion Eco-friendly ReUsable Children's Tableware

Until recently, conventional children’s tableware contained BPA and thilates, now recognized as hazardous chemicals. With the introduction of alternative bioplastics, which produce less greenhouse gases than traditional plastic, parents of young children now have safe, eco-friendly choices.

Florida-based Re-Think It, Inc. recently introduced their Dandelion Earth Friendly brand ReUsable Tableware designed especially for toddlers. The diverse Dandelion brand– which includes adorable organic developmental toys, organic rattles and teethers – includes “feeding items” such as bowls, divided plates, forks and spoons made of reusable PLA corn plastic.

“Eco-green is on everyone’s radar,” says Kelly Rundle, Director of Sales for Re-Think It. But no one company was offering retailers a one-stop shop, something missing with natural and eco-products. Re-Think It saw the opportunity.

The company’s owners decided to create an earth-friendly product line.

There’s a real focus on disposableware as a convenience, said Rundle. But it still has to be processed and shipped, which adds to that product’s carbon footprint.

ReUsable Children’s Tableware is eco-friendly in a number of ways. Made from most common type PLA corn in the U.S. – corn used to feed animals and to make artificial sweeteners – the tableware’s lightweight, which said Rundle, helps in the degradation process. Being thinner, they break down faster.

These products also address an even deeper concern.

“Parents have a strong distrust of plastic right now,” Rundle says. Discovery of the widespread use of BPA and thilates in children’s products sparked a national outcry.

These products answer three concerns parents have, said Rundle. They want something:

  1. that’s not a plastic plate.
  2. that’s friendly for the environment.
  3. that’s grab and go.

Moms are generally more eco-conscious and concerned about environmental aspects of the things they use, says Rundle. Even Mom’s who aren’t so eco-aware hear about the hazardous chemicals in baby products, she said, and they’re satisfied with these products.

Besides being made of corn plastic, ReUsables utilize innovative, eco-friendly packaging made from 100% recycled paperboard, custom designed with a minimal amount of materials.

Bright corn-yellow in color, the divided plates keep food separate and, to encourage good toddler eating habits, are a reasonable 7-inch size. The bowls – with flared tab edges for easy gripping – are deep but not large. “When toddlers eat from (them), this helps the food end up in their mouths.” Or at least more of it, said Rundle laughing.

The thicker utensils are made to fit toddlers’ little hands.

This tableware is made to last, probably longer than plastic. Because they’re so new, nobody’s used it more than a year. But, said Rundle, “based on their properties, it’s designed to be infinitely used!”

Durable, safe, good for on-the-go or home use, and earth friendly, the Dadelion line is also affordable. A 2-pack of plates or bowls or a pack of four forks & four 5-inch spoons runs $7.99 each. Available at select Whole Foods Markets, you can find them online at www.dandelionforbaby.com/ or call    (888) 222-3053   .