Recycling creates a Beautiful Partnership

Polystyrene lunch traysAn elementary school in Stockton, CA has cut their waste stream by 20 percent.

They didn’t do it on their own. Corporate America stepped up to help make it happen.

Dart Container Corp., whose manufacturing plant was located nearby, helped the students at Westwood Elementary School by accepting their polystyrene lunch trays, which were cleaned, sorted, then sent to the plant. This allowed the students to recycle 90 percent of their otherwise non-recyclable trays.

What’s even more inspiring in this story is that Dart doesn’t make polystyrene trays but agreed to accept the material from the school at no charge. Dart then “upcycled” the material to make new products – picture frames and decorative molding, along with their other polystyrene products like cups, plates and cutlery.

This let the school cut their trash collection from 5 days to 4 each week, adding more savings to what surely is an already stretched budget.

Just goes to show what can happen when companies look to make a difference in their communities.  Way to go, Dart!