US Government considering bulldozing 50 cities to create green space

Urban sprawl to be bulldozedUrban sprawl reached its zenith in the ’90’s. But with today’s recession and roller coaster gas prices, sprawl has often turned to blight from dwindling populations and bankrupted businesses.

The Obama administration is reportedly considering plans to raze sections of 50 economically depressed US cities, condensing these both the towns and city services. Dubbed “shrink to survive, this program could turn bulldozed districts into forests, meadows and parks.

Decreasing population and recession may mean bulldozing neighborhoods

Decreasing population and recession may mean bulldozing neighborhoods

A proposal currently underway in Flint, Michigan would serve as the model for such a venture. Originally the home of General Motors,  Flint now suffers from a higher-than-average unemployment rate (about 20 percent) and a rapidly dwindling population. Local politicians claim the city must reduce as much as 40 percent to avoid bankruptcy. Genesee County treasurer Dan Kildee was reportedly approached by the Obama administration to look into other areas of the country that would  benefit from a similar size reduction.

The Brookings Institution – a nonprofit public policy organization –  has identified 50 cities that would be likely candidates for such a “shrinkage”. Surprisingly these include metropolises like Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Memphis, and other former industrial hotspots.

Though perhaps a radical concept, environmentalists are excited about the prospect of gaining so much green space. Urban sprawl has wrecked havoc and, increasingly, devestation n wildlife. This could be an excellent way to “give back”.

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