Ever Green Bathroom Tissue “Unwrapped”

Ever Green Bathroom Tissue - 100% recycled and recyclable too

Ever Green Bathroom Tissue - 100% recycled and recyclable too

There’s a new bathroom tissue out that’s not only soft but meets “green” standards too. Ever Green Bathroom Tissue goes beyond being made of recycled content, which it is.  Distinctly designed by Green Bay Converting, Inc. (of Green Bay, Wisconsin fame), this 12-roll pack comes not in traditional polywrap, but in a 100% recycled paper carton with no plastic content.

 The first in their industry to do this, Green Bay Converting, said Lee Luft, Vice President of Sales and Operations, was looking at the issue of plastic wrap from a sustainability angle.This fridge-pack box makes rolls easy to remove.

As there’s yet no good way to reuse plastic wrapping, Green Bay took their packaging cue from the popular fridge-packs for soda cans. Each Ever Green box has a panel that says “Press Here” to easily remove rolls – similar to a fridge pack (on the front bottom right).

Made of recyclable fiber, the boxes have a convenient handle, are themselves recyclable, and are slender enough to fit on a shelf or tucked away in a bathroom corner.

There’s a “window” so you’ll know when you’re running low and a side opening to put empty roll cores in the box for recycling.

The tissue core section is designed, says Luft, to recapture what the company believes are millions of pounds of recyclable cores that currently end up in landfills.

There are even more eco-friendly features to this bathroom tissue. It’s hypoallergenic, has no added dyes or fragrances and is whitened without chlorine. Did I say it’s soft?

Made of recyclied fiber, Ever Green's components are recyclable and compostable

Made of recyclied fiber, Ever Green's components are recyclable and compostable

For green-minded folks (or those taking steps in that direction), everything about Ever Green is recyclable – their cartons, pallets, their paperboard corner posts that support the boxes, their top-cap to protect the box while on-route to stores. It’s all cellulose fiber. At end of life, everything can be either recycled or composted at an industrial composting facility. Essentially, says Luft, there’s no waste left to go to landfills.

This process is so distinct, Luft says, they’re looking at patenting it.

“We think we’ve found a better way for people to bring to their homes a necessity that’s made from a recyclable material and that is itself recyclable,” Luft said.

“We’re hoping you’ll recycle some of the products you were formerly throwing away,” he said.

Unlike many products made from “recycled content” Ever Green products are made from office paper and used textbooks. To enhance the tissue’s whiteness and ensure their mixture’s up to cleanliness standards, recycled fiber from envelope cuttings is added.

“There’s millions of pounds of these cuttings available,” says Luft.

Amazing how much of what we generally consider “trash” (like envelope cuttings) is finding a new life.

Prices are competitive for this new product – ranging from $6.95 to $8.89 for a 12-roll pack.

“We’re not asking people to pay more,” said Luft. “We’re asking them to try something that’s more sustainable.”

This great product is currently only available at http://www.letsgogreen.biz and at http://www.greenlinepaper.com

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