Association asks pharmaceutical companies to pay for medical disposal

medicationsThe National Association of Counties has asked pharmaceutical companies to be financial responsible for disposing of unwanted medicines.

The  group would like Big Pharma to handle the expense of taking back prescription and over-the-counter drugs without relying on state or local government funding.

The association says leftover drugs – over-the-counter and perscription – may play a roll in drug abuse and accidental poisonings. It’s documented that improperly disposed of medications contribute to ground and surface water contamination.

“Like Europe and Canada, the United States can develop programs to cover the costs of collecting, transporting and disposing of these medicines. It´s imperative we do so,” said Bill Sheehan, executive director of the Product Policy Institute.

Now let’s see what Big Pharma has to say about it. The “right thing to do” doesn’t often factor in with them.

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