New study outlines health risks from cellphones



Radiation from cell phones creates health risk concerns

The amount of radiation varies from cellphone to cellphone and scientists are divided as to how much is too much.

The Environmental Working Group, which analyzed the radiation emissions from over 1,200 cellphones, now says the standards for American cellphone radiation don’t make enough allowance for safety and ignore the impact of electromagnetic radiation on children.  “We think that based on current standards there’s increased risk of developing brain tumors in long term users — people who have used cellphones for more than 10 years — from radiation in cellphones,” says senior scientist at EWG Olga Naidenko, who worked on the report for around 10 months.

The group put together a database of feature phones and smartphones that lists the maximum radiation each of the devices emits. Check the link to see how your cellphone ranks for radiation.

A little bit of knowledge is a powerful thing. It can help you make smart decisions the next time you’re ready to get a new cell. For more on this story, check out



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