Wolves prove elusive to hunters

WolfAccording to the New York Times, wolves in Idaho aren’t cooperating. With over 14,000 wolf-hunting permits sold, only 3 legal wolf kills have been reported during the first 10 days of the hunting and killing spree.

Idaho has recorded 850 wolves in residence. Sadly, according to hunters and game wardens, wolf hunting will get better as the weather gets colder and snow falls, revealing wolves against white.

Jon Rachael, the wildlife manager for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, aid he thought it was unlikely hunters would reach the quota of 220 wolves that Idaho game officials have said could be killed this season. You know,” the hunters confessed, “we don’t know how to hunt wolves.”

Dead wolfJ. D. Hagedorn, a sophomore at Boise State University, said he was more torn than his father (a Republican state representative) and his grandfather on some political and environmental issues. He said he’d taken some classes on environmental topics.

“I understand the importance of a predator in an ecosystem,” he said, cradling a rifle at dusk.

But wolves must be managed, he said, “and I’m not going to lie, it’s a great hunt.”

Words speak for themselves here. Clearly, more education is needed.