Organic Curry Love sauces make for great grilling

Curry - a flavor for all seasons

Curry sauce - a flavor for all seasons

Many folks are still using outdoor grills and barbecues to celebrate our continuing summer-like weather.

With the many choices of marinades and sauces, curry may not a top pick. People often equate curry with cooler weather. Yet, says Chef Michael Buechi, curry’s quite versatile.

“Curry’s not just a dish to enjoy in winter,” Buechi explained. You can add it to grilled food or barbecue, marinade with it or drizzle it.

Buechi, a professional chef and entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of Curry Love. His fascination with curry came after a trip to Thailand. Falling in love with the culture and especially the food, he thought he’d recreate and bottle some of it for non-chefs to use.

His Passion Red Thai Curry and Luscious Yellow Thai Curry, introduced in 2008, were his first “heat and serve” sauces. Using only USDA-certified organic ingredients like coconut milk, onions, brown sugar, soy sauce, ginger, lemongrass and garlic, these sauces were a big hit.

His next sauce – Blissful Banana Ginger Curry – soon followed.

Another great curry sauce - with more to come

Curry Love organic sauces - three and counting!

This was Chef Michael’s re-creation of a sweet and fruity sauce he’d had years before. With ingredients including coconut milk, dried bananas, rice flour, onions, ginger, lemongrass, garlic and ground chile peppers, this pungent, flavorful sauce is great with chicken, steak or fish.

I tried both the Red Thai Curry and the Banana Ginger Curry. Both were tasty, easy to use and went well with chicken or veggies, though I leaned more towards the banana-ginger combination.

The lightness of the sauces surprised me, having been used to heavier type curries. Still they held up to cooking and never disappointed. I even had a variety of recipes to try from Curry Love’s website (

Along with great sauces, Chef Michael has a strong commitment to health and the environment.

“It’s real important to support a healthy lifestyle,” he said. Going organic from the beginning was a natural choice, he said, having grown up on an organic farm. All his sauces are vegan vegetarian.

The three sauces will soon be joined by new flavors, Buechi says, though he won’t say what they are. He did say that they’re “really nice, great and yum!”

Using only biodegradable packaging, Buechi takes his environmental commitment further. He donates a portion of the company’s profits to “1 % for the Planet“, a non-profit that so far has inspired over 1,200 businesses to donate one percent of sales to a global network of over 1,800 environmental organizations.

With his focus on projects that are good for the environment, Buechi gets to choose which project the money goes to.

Curry Love products are available in Los Angeles and San Francisco – at over 20 Whole Foods so far – and at Real Foods. They’re also available through Buechi plans to expand further into northern California retailers.

Individual sauces are priced at $6.99. They’re also available in a Gift set, boxed in recycled, biodegradable packaging and printed with eco-friendly soy inks, The set, priced at $25.50, also contains a candle and set of matches, adding some romance and fun to your meal.

You can find all this and more at

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