Starbucks to begin recycling used coffee cups

Starbucks Coffee-CupSeven Starbucks stores in New York City will begin collecting and recycling used coffee cups.

This test program – announced by Global Green USA´s Coalition for Resource Recovery – is part of a project that includes recycling old corrugated containers (the consistently most recycled material in the U.S.).  Starbucks cups were tested and certified by Western Michigan University as having “equivalent recyclability and repulpability as old corrugated containers.” 

Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer said “efforts like this will be crucial to making our city a leader in urban sustainability. I applaud Starbucks and Global Green’s Coalition for Resource Recovery for their work, and am delighted that Manhattan has been chosen as the home site for this pilot program.”

Annie White, coalition director, said  “the lessons learned from the cup recycling pilot can be applied to the recycling of hamburger, pizza, and French fry containers, and other paper food packaging. If the initial pilot is successful, CoRR will expand the pilot to encompass more packaging types and restaurants.”

And the list of recyclables keeps growing. You go, Starbucks!


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  1. I am attending the Always On Going Green Conference. This morning we had presentations by the world’s leading VC companies including Vinod Khosla of Khosla Ventures and Ray Lane of Kleiner Perkins. They were talking about the technologies they are funding being cost competitive with oil and growing into the next “Google” over the next 10 years! The mantra I like is “cost less, mean more,” from Starbuck’s using recycling their cups to pioneering fuels, we are in the Green Economic Revolution.

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