Abbott Laboratories moves towards sustainable packaging

Abbott Lab simagePharmaceutical giant Abbott Laboratories – maker of such diverse drugs as arthritis treatment Humira, Norvir, a treatment for HIV, and nutritional products such as Ensure – has announced they’re working on 40 types of sustainable packaging that runs across product lines. This project is part of Abbott’s plans to reduce the amount of packaging it uses by 5% in key products by 2013.

“Abbott´s sustainable packaging initiatives will reduce our environmental footprint through less waste in landfills, more responsible forest management and fewer emissions. At the same time, it lowers cost, and, in some cases, reduces shelf space for our customers,” said John Landgraf, senior vice president of pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and supply.

Okay, so 5% is a good start, especially for a pharma giant. And they do seem to have a commitment to sustainability efforts.  But wouldn’t targeting 15-20% make more of a real difference? THAT”S a figure I could get excited about.

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