Recycling Scotch Tape?


TerraCycle partners with 3M to keep Scotch Tape dispensers out of landfillsThe list of what’s recyclable  just keeps growing. And TerraCycle is right in the middle of making that happen.

Seems that TerraCycle has added another “brigade” to their list. Through a partnership with 3M, TerraCycle  is accepting Scotch® Clear Tape Dispensers and Cores as a great way to keep them from winding up in landfills.

A small disclaimer here. I have no affiliation with TerraCycle. But if they keep being innovative and making news, I’ll be writing about it.

But I digress.

Like their other brigades, TerraCycle donates $0.02 for each item collected to the charity of your choice. Schools, organizations or individuals can be part of a brigade and you choose what charity to give to.

The program is free and is a great and easy way to make a difference. For details and to learn how to set up a brigade, go to