New Leaf Chocolates greens their packaging

ChocolatesChocolate lovers will be pleased to know that New Leaf Chocolates – maker of premium, artisan and organic chocolates – has shifted to more sustainable packaging.

New Leaf Chocolates has long been involved in environmentally-friendly practices. They are members of 1% for the Planet and  emphasize fair trade chocolates.

Their new plant-based GreenPod packaging protects these delectable chocolates from their top 3 threats – heat, odor and humidity. These products are recyclable and biodegradable.  They use use a 100% plant-based protective shell and even the tape is kraft paper rather than the standard clear acrylic/.

GreenPod is actually several designs and each package contains instructions for how to take care of those materials when you are done. For large orders or those delivered during warm weather, New Leaf will use a non–foam cooler that is 100% recyclable and has only 65% of the carbon footprint and 80% less bulk waste than EPS foam.

So check these yummy chocolates out. After all, chocolate is now a “health” food and now it’s good for the planet too!