Activeion taps water to clean



Activeion Pro uses tap water to clean and sanitize hard surfaces

Activeion Pro uses tap water to clean and sanitize hard surfaces

Water. We drink it, bathe in it, swim in it. We even fight over it. But use it to clean?

Activeion Pro (as in active ion) is a hand-held sprayer. With its ec-H2O (electronic converted water) technology, its electrical charge “activates” tap water, converting it into a multi-purpose general cleaner. Acting like a magnet, the activated water attracts and loosens dirt from a variety of surfaces for easy cleaning, leaving no residue.

Introduced last February and verified by the Environmental Protection Agency and an independent laboratory, this chemical-free cleaning system eliminates 99 percent of bacteria and organisms including e-coli, salmonella and the MRSA virus from hard non-porous surfaces. It cleans stains, dirt and oils from carpet (including pet stains), floors, glass, countertops and marble. It even sanitizes dishes.

Trying it on my car, I was stunned how well it worked! And I loved that it saved gallons of water!

“(This is) like the iPod of clean,” says Todd Schaeffer, Vice President and General Manager of Minnesota-based Activeion Cleaning Solutions LLC.

Before using, plug the charger into the bottle. Initial charging takes two to three hours (second time was under an hour). When the light turns green, unplug and clean!

The bottle holds its charge for two to three weeks, Schaeffer says. That translates to two to three days for commercial use in airports, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and convention centers.

Every bottle holds a surprise. When sprayed, the inside flashes bright green!

That tells you the water’s ionized, said Schaeffer. The technology constantly measures the water’s bacteria level, controlling it to give you a good clean product.

Water has the ability to conduct electricity, given enough energy to activate it. For the first time Activeion’s patented technology combines positive and negative water streams to work together, creating an effective general cleaner.

Spray surfaces thoroughly with Activeion Pro, then wipe with a clean cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth. Wipe down within 45 seconds or the water reverts back to its natural state. Accidentally spray yourself? No worries. It’s just water.

Activeion has many benefits, particularly environmental ones. It easily replaces some standard household cleaners, particularly for glass, windows and stainless steel, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions from the production, packaging, transportation, use, fumes and disposal of harsh household chemicals. A study showed that switching to just one Activeion Pro for general commercial cleaning is equivalent to saving 93 gallons of gasoline and two barrels of oil!

Activeion isn’t a heavy de-greaser. While I found it doesn’t clean everything, it cleans many things well, meaning fewer chemicals in the house and money savings at the grocery store. It’s also one of the only cleaners without a chemical-related health warning label.

Beware using filtered or distilled water. A home RO system could also interfere with this. The Activeion needs minerals to work well.

But, says Schaeffer, “if the green light is on, it’s working!”

At $299, Activeion Pro isn’t inexpensive. But it’s easy and it works. It’s available online or at 866 950-4667.