Minnesota to test removing VOC's from landfill

landfillThe Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has created a pilot project to remove volatile organic compound (VOC) contamination from the closed Waste Disposal Engineering landfill in Andover, Minnesota.

The state is testing what it calls “soil vapor extraction technology” to remove and contain the landfill contamination from an underground hazardous waste pit. They anticipate the project will continue until the end of the year.

landfill 2“We are anticipating that this project will prove to be a success. If it is, we will focus on designing a permanent extraction system at the WDE site,” said John Moeger of the MPCA´s Closed Landfill Program.

This process of “cooling, condensing and compressing gases”, as the state calls it, will pull gas from the pit into the system and convert it into liquid. The liquid will then be recycled  or  used in a fuel blending process.

Intriguing idea. If it’s successful, it could be replicated at closed landfills around the country, providing an unexpected but steady fuel source. Stay tuned.