Update from Conference on Sustainable Tourism

forests-south-central-costa-ricaSpeaker Jackeline Lopez of Mapache Rent A Car spoke of their “passionate reforestation” program.They work with mature forests, not with planting new forests, she said.

They also are involved with a new co-generation plant for waste. Prior to its opening, in 2007 saw the annual generation of 22 tons of waste. The impact of the new plant was dramatic – a 50 percent waste reduction.

A Costa Rican waste cogenereation plant

A Costa Rican waste cogenereation plant

This is a clean process, with continual monitoring of emitted gasses. The process is certified and the resultant waste is traceable. 

The company has two commitments:

  1. to reduce GHG emissions
  2. energy savings

There are eight such facilities across Costa Rica. The company has received numerous recognitions from Costa Rica’s Ministers of Energy and of the Environment for their successful environmental efforts.

More to come.

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