Some follow-up comments to un-sustainable palm trees

Palm trees2Thought I’d offer some of the follow-up comments I’d received through social networking on my recent post on the palm tree plantations and their destructive environmental effects.Enjoy and feel free to send me your comments too!


from Antonio Bettencourt, Independent Architecture & Planning Professional:

“Thank you for the very interesting post about the palm tree plantations. It is truly sad to see the “leaders” of Costa Rica engaging in such blatant green-washing. 

Palm trees are tremendously useful, not only for the oil, but even at the end of their lives, when they are cut down. Their wood can be put to many longlasting uses, such as flooring.

However, I agree with you absolutely. It is WRONG to cut down a tropical rainforest – and replace it with a plantation of palms. It is downright evil to do that and claim to be doing something “green” like reforestation.”


from-Suzanne Harle, Founder, Green Planet Films, environmental film distributor:

“Hi Debra, the effects of tropical rainforest slash and burn to make way for palm plantations is hauntingly documented in a new film called GREEN, by independent French filmmaker Patrick Rouxel, the surprise winner of the Best of Festival at Jackson Hole International Wildlife Film Festival. It was the buzz of the festival and will be playing in the film festival circuit for the next year.

GREEN is about rainforest destruction in Indonesia as told through the eyes of an orangutan. After his award, Patrick screened it at the UN upon invitation. Watch online here”

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