Update on the Pacific floating garbage vortex

The Pacific "Plastic Vortex" is doubling every decade

The Pacific "Plastic Vortex" is doubling every decade

Since my last post on the Pacific Vortex – the floating heap of garbage that’s estimated to be about the state of Texas – recent stories in the New York Times and Scripps Howard say returning scientists report that the patch is doubling every decade.

The “patch” contains some large trash – including abandoned fishing gear, buoys and metal drums – but  consists mainly of smaller, confetti-looking plastic pieces that fish assume are plankton and ingest.

Plastic Vortex.2Researchers say it’s likely there are other smaller trash patches floating around a number of the world’s oceans, still waiting to be discovered.

Question is, what can be done about solving this disastrous environmental problem? And how soon?

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