New process uses less energy for desalination

Desalination – the ability produce much needed freshwater from seawater – has always been an expensive and energy-intensive proposition. But Vancouver, B.C. cleantech company Saltworks Technologies ( is about to revolutionize the industry.

Utilizing an innovative thermo-ionic energy conversion system, Saltworks will be able to reduce energy by harnessing low.temperature heat and atmospheric dryness. The system works best in the dry regions that need water.

“The greatest challenge for the desalination industry is to increase the energy efficiency of the process faster than the price of generating electricity from fossil fuels,” says industry tracker Global Water Intelligence (GWI)

With their innovative Thermo-IonicTM energy conversion system, Saltworks’ patent pending technology will use up to 80 percent less electrical/mechanical energy relative to leading desalination technologies by harnessing low temperature heat and atmospheric dryness to overcome the desalination energy barrier.

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