Southwest Airline "ups" their sustainability quotient

Southwest green plane 2Southwest Airlines, famous for their low fares and offbeat cabin announcements, is going boldly into the green horizon.

They’ve announced the addition of their green plane – a Boeing 737-700 which, they say, achieves a weight savings of of almost five pounds per seat, saving fuel and reducing emissions, and uses recyclable materials.

Some of these eco-friendly elements include:

  • recyclable floor carpet that can eliminate the total replacement of certain areas
  • recyclable, durable seat covers
  • Southwest green plane 1a lighter weight foam fill from Garnier PURtec for seat back covers
  • a bulkhead product that’s more long lasting than their current leather one
  • aluminum aisle strips versus the standard plastic ones, which makes them recyclable,  more durable and reduces waste

Sounds good so far. This adds to Southwest’s on-going environmental practices, which include water conservation, energy management and even noise reduction.

Way to go, Southwest. Now if you can just make the conversion to biofuel, I’ll really get excited!


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