TerraCycle to recycle diaper packaging

TerraCycleThe company that created a world-famous organic fertilizer from worm poop and has  “re-purposed” discarded product packaging is at it again.

TerraCycle created their Drink Brigade  program two years ago, Since then, they’ve taken product packaging waste like candy and cookie wrappers and used drink pouches that would have ended up in landfills and given them a second life as lunchboxes, binders and portable speakers. They recently partnered with Kraft Foods UK to turn Kenco brand product packaging into frames, book covers and satchels.

Huggies displayNow TerraCycle has expanded again, this time partnering with paper goods company Kimberly-Clark– maker of Huggies brand diapers – to turn that product’s plastic waste into something useful. TerraCycle will”upcycle”  the discarded plastic, creating new diaper bags. Keeping with their practice of creating products that appeal to the original target markets, the new product will be co-branded with the original and sold at major retailers like Walmart and Target next year.

TerraCycle collects nearly one million pieces of post-consumer packaging  per week, 95% of which is collected in the U.S., said company spokesman Albe Zakes . They also work with major manufacturers to collect between 500 and 3,000 tons of pre-consumer factory waste each year.

Way to go TerraCycle! So what’s next?

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