Turkey, Travel and Thankfulness

ThanksgivingOnly one day away, Thanksgiving is a time for many things:

  • swelling crowds in airports waiting for overbooked planes
  • a much needed break from hectic schedules, to do’s and last minute “critical” projects
  • spending time either alone wishing you were with loved ones or actually being with them and sometimes wondering what you were pining for
  • eating way too much food (whether alone or at a big feast) that you may regret the next day (or sooner!)

I may sound a bit jaded but I’m not really. I’ve done all the above and suspect many of you have as well, at some time or other.

Snoopy ThanksgivingThis year, I’ll be spending Turkey Day with my family – parents, siblings, nephews and niece. It will be noisy, too much food and a few tense moments thrown in. But no matter what, I’m thankful for it all. After many holidays spent just my dog and me, it’s nice to be able to connect, even have the occasional “sparring” session, as it were. It’s all about family – love ’em, warts, tempers and all.

Whatever you’ll be doing, remember that gratitude – for all things small and large – is a special gift you give yourself and others this time of year.

Happy Thanksgiving. Be back again on the weekend. Come on back and enjoy the holiday!

Minnesota begins pilot program to recycle old holiday lights

Minnesotans will be able to recycle old holiday lights this year

Minnesotans will be able to recycle old holiday lights this year

The Recycling Association of Minnesota has launched its Recycle Your Holidays light strand collection program. Now strands of older holiday lights can be placed curbside in recycling bins and business drop offs throughout the state.

Select retailers are accepting drop-off of these lights until January 10, 2010. Stores are also offering $5 coupons for every strand recycled at their locations.

This pilot program is being tested through Randy´s Environmental Services in Delano, MN to determine the program’s viability.

And the ways to recycle just keep growing. Next?