Cisco cuts net 40% greenhouse gas emissions

CiscoIn several previous posts I’ve poked at corporations that boasted cuts in their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions when they’ve been only around 2 to 5 percent. This time, however, one company has cuts that are substantial.

Cisco Systems has succeeded in cutting their net emissions by 40 percent, compared against 2007. These figures include  what’s termed Scope 1 direct emissions from Cisco-owned or controlled sources), Scope 2 (emissions from Cisco’s energy purchases) and Scope 3 (emissions from Cisco’s  business air travel ( both corporate wide and worldwide).

According to Darrel Stickler of Cisco’s Sustainable Business Practices, few companies include Scope 3 of any type in an absolute reduction goal. 


Cisco's sustainability practices have produced a 40% GHG reduction

Cisco's sustainability practices have produced a 40% GHG reduction

This success comes as part of Cisco’s overall sustainability practices, as reported in their fifth annual corporate social responsibility report. To achieve this reduction, Cisco focused on implementing energy efficiency programs, reducing air travel and various efforts that include their purchase and use of renewable energy.

Cisco continues to work on further reductions. These include:

  • eliminating harmful chemicals from their products
  • developing a closed-loop reverse supply chain where they recover, reuse or recycle over n 99 percent of their  returned electronic equipment in major markets worldwide
  • reducing water consumption

Cisco has also launched two programs to help businesses reduce their GHG emissions – their Smart Grid business unit that helps  utility companies optimize power supply and demand, and their Energy Wise program that helps customers monitor and control their IP-enabled equipment to reduce energy costs and their carbon footprint.

Way to go Cisco! Now let’s see who wants to play “i can do better than you” on this one!