The Non-GMO Project

Eden Foods logoI recently received an email from Eden Foods – a top quality company that operates with integrity and sustainable practices – and thought I’d bring this important information to you.

Recently, members of the natural product industry from across the U.S. and Canada (including Eden Foods) created the Non-GMO Project (The Project). The Project’s goal is to provide consumers and makers a 3rd party non-GMO verification program through all levels of the supply chain, thus providing verified non-GMO alternatives to consumers.

The Non-GMO Project will certify that seeds aren't genetically modified

The Non-GMO Project will certify that seeds aren’t genetically modified

The Non-GMO Project is North America’s first independent non-GMO verification utilizing on-site facility audits, document and systems reviews, and DNA PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing of all at-risk inputs  for GMO contamination. The Project aims to continuously improve elimination of GMO contamination along the supply chain by encouraging  Non-GMO seed suppliers to offer information concerning companies that have enrolled their food in the Non-GMO Product Verification Program.

As for Eden Foods, so far they’ve enrolled 79 foods that have all been verified as compliant with the Non-GMO Project Standard. With the news today that farmers of GMO foods are having to use more pesticides, contrary to the hype by Monsanto and other GMO seed providers, this type of certification program goes a long way to assure the public that what they’re buying really is what they’re told – healthy food that’s good for them.

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