Sanyo's new 2-sided solar panels deliver 50% more energy

Sanyo's HIT Bifacial solar panels raise the bar in the solar industry

Sanyo's HIT Bifacial solar panels raise the bar in the solar industry

Sanyo has introduced their newest solar panel – the HIT Double Bifacial, a new type of photovoltaic that raises the bar for the solar panel industry.

This revolutionary system lets solar panels generate power from both sides simultaneously, using Sanyo’s HIT (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin-layer) proprietary bifacial technology Its two glass layers increase the amount of energy produced by up to 30% compared to a single-sided HIT solar panel – delivering 50 percent more power per square inch than the average solar panel.

DuROCK Alfacing International Inc., a Canadian company specializing in innovative interior and exterior coatings, has combined these new solar panels with its  Tio-Coating reflective white roof membrane, which reflects up to 89% of the solar radiation. This lets the double-sided solar panels do double work, said Gary Campacci, President of DuRock.

Sanyo HIT Bifacial solar panels 2Sanyo officials said the company’s products have the world’s highest solar-light-to-electric-energy conversion efficiency per installed square foot.

According to the Statesman Journal, a Salem, Oregon factory that produces silicon for Sanyo HIT panels has just entered production.

And so another step forward for the solar industry. Stay tuned to see where it goes next!

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