With climate change comes … lilypads?

Living Lilypad 2Even conservative estimates suggest that by the year 2100 many low-lying islands and nations around the globe will be under at least a foot of water. With those kind of rising sea levels, where will those displaced folks live?

Belgian architect Vincent Callabaut has come up with an intriguing solution. His amphibious city – aptly named Lilypad – will be a car-free, clean energy paradise that can support 50,000 people with no additional external supplies. Wind and solar power will provide renewable energy, and suspended rooftop gardens will be for food production. This would be the most efficient, advanced, self-contained community ever dreamed of.

Living Lilypad 3Since the lilypad floats, it can be placed in any lake or on any ocean body, towed where needed. Each city will have a lake at its center for fresh water collection and will use solar, wind and wave power for energy generation.

Though Mr Callebaut is still working out the cost of this amazing concept community, one wonders if world leaders will give it credence or scoff it away. Then again, politicians being what they are, seeing the larger picture and taking effective action aren’t usually on their gameboard unless and until disaster is truly imminent.



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