No wonder the environment is losing

The worldThere’s been much lamenting across the media about the apparent failure of the Copenhagen Summit last month. Yet in reading today’s headlines, it really couldn’t have ended any other way.

Take for instance the following:

And then there’s yesterday’s headline:

“Alaska senator moves to bar EPA rules on greenhouse gas emissions

With so much pressure and financial backing coming from so many directions, how could the Summit’s outcome been otherwise?

Melting glacierBalance this against continued evidence that climate change is indeed speeding along, with the Arctic northwest passage now being tussled over for a variety of development projects – from laying underwater telecommunications cable to prospective oil drilling. Seems the politicians and corporate America see dollar signs amidst the melting glaciers.

Too bad for the island and countries that will go underwater due to rising sea levels, creating tens of thousands (if not more) of displaced and homeless. Too bad that more marine species are threatened or will go extinct. Just gotta have our progress, you know.

As environmentalists and a concerned public clamor for effective action by government leaders, is it merely whistling in the wind?  One has to wonder.


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