Will Costa Rica be the world’s first carbon neutral country?

Will Costa Rica be the world's first carbon neutral country?While in Costa Rica last Fall, I wrote a number of posts about that country’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. In one of them I mentioned Costa Rica’s goal to become the world’s first carbon neutral country.

According to Environment and Energy Minister Roberto Dobles,  Costa Rica will achieve  this using budgeting, laws, and incentives, such as promoting biofuels, hybrid vehicles, and clean energy. This Latin American country already embraces the “C-Neutral” label that will certifies that tourism and certain industrial practices mitigate all of the CO2 they emit.

Costa Rica signs Agreement to offset airline flight emissionsThis new certification incorporates a voluntary tax on businesses and tourists alike to offset their carbon emissions, with one ton of carbon valued at $10.  To further entrench  C-Neutral, the country is cultivating a carbon certificate market that not only boosts carbon capture and storage in the nation’s forests, but also will help maintain their pristine scenic beauty.

All this was discussed in detail during last Fall’s conference on sustainable tourism.  From all reports, Costa Rica could very well win its race to achieve the #1 carbon neutral distinction.

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