Target and Safeway move to provide sustainable seafood

Sustainable seafood 3Driven by consumer demand, more corporations  are adopting sustainable business practices,  Retailers carrying food products are particularly engaged in this process.

Recently, Target and Safeway announced that they would discontinue carrying farm-raised seafood and switch to wild caught. Environmentalists have been pushing for this, criticizing that net-pens salmon farms, which release pollution, chemicals and parasites into the surrounding ocean, disrupt and sometimes decimate nearby wild fish populations. 

Sustainable seafood 1Greg Duppler, senior vice president, merchandising for Target, said “Target strives to be a responsible steward of the environment, while providing our guests with the highest-quality food choices.”

Safeway is also on the sustainable bandwagon. They recently announced their partnership with marine conservation group FishWise to develop and implement a more comprehensive sustainable seafood policy.The company will also implement a traceability system to screen out suppliers that don’t conform to its new policies, and will discontinue selling grouper, monkfish and red-snapper, due to overfishing concerns linked to these species.

Sustainable seafood 1.2“We hope this partnership will lead to a more sustainable product selection for our customers,” said Jim Bluming, vice president of seafood marketing for Safeway, “as well as improved transparency with our suppliers, and ultimately, healthy oceans and freshwater ecosystems for future generations.”

Good news for consumers and a hopeful sign that more corporations will make more steps into sustainability.