Chocolate Valentine’s for your Sweetie

You know you had a great reason.

You’ve been swamped at work. You’re worried about your job, your boss, the economy…AND you forgot that today’s Valentine’s Day!

I may have something that will get you back in your sweetheart’s good graces – and it’s even eco-friendly!

If your sweetie likes chocolate – and almost everybody does – the Midnight Crunch bar is sure to mend all hurt feelings. To say it’s delicious is a pale understatement. Made from Fair Trade dark chocolate with quinoa (that’s keen’ wah) sprinkles, eating it is a sensual savoring EXPERIENCE.

You probably haven’t heard of this chocoholic’s delight as it’s only been around since mid-January.

” It’s one of the most natural chocolate products there is,” says Alter Eco Inc. co-founder Mathieu Senard.

This premier chocolate bar uses no artificial flavors or sweeteners, is vegan, organic, and is GMO-, soy- and gluten-free. It also doesn’t use soy lecithin, an emulsifier found in the best chocolates.

With a mission to produce ethically sourced products, all of Alter Eco’s products are Fair Trade, meaning the company guarantees a fair price to the farmers who produce them.

Some people think Fair Trade means poorer quality products. Not so, says Senard.

“The products we bring to (customers) are the highest quality,” he said.

When farmers are paid a Fair Trade rate, Senard said, they put so much attention and care into what they produce, you end up with an exceptional product.

And it shows.

This “ethical chocolate” tastes as good as any Swiss chocolate I’ve ever had. And no wonder. It’s made in Switzerland! To ensure its awesome taste and texture, it’s baked twelve times longer (for 72 hours) than traditional chocolate bars.

Most of Alter Eco’s products are organic. Those that aren’t are in transition and soon will be.

Among the thirty quality products Alter Eco carries are:

  • Quinoa – a high protein grain
  • Rice
  • Sugar
  • Coffee
  • Hearts of Palm
  • Olive oil

Alter Eco has earned a number of certifications, reflecting their social and environmental business commitment.

They were recently designated Carbon Zero, which applies to the company and the cooperatives they work with in countries like Bolivia and Peru. These co-ops replant decimated forest areas on their plantations with native trees, which helps offset the carbon emissions of the entire organization.

Part of Alter Eco’s environmental commitment includes their quest for perfect packaging.

“Biodegradable packaging isn’t available yet anywhere in the world,” said Senard. When they have this, Alter Eco will deep-six their plastic and have completely sustainable products.

It’s about producing the highest quality with the highest ethical certification possible.

As for the incredible Midnight Crunch? This 3.5 ounce bar is available for $3.99 at Whole Foods in the San Francisco Bay area and the Pacific southwest and online at


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